Crane Hire Options

If an individual organisation does not have expertise in lifting operations they should not hire cranes but should opt for the Contract Lift Option.



The Organisation requiring the load to be moved.

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Hired and Managed


Fully Contracted

The employing organisation must:

  • Carry out all work in accordance with BS7121
  • Supply the "appointed person"
  • Plan the lift and operate a safe system of work
  • Ensure that the crane hired is of a suitable type and capacity
  • Check the credentials of the crane hire company and certification supplied

The crane owner has a duty to:

  • Provide a crane that is properly maintained, tested and certificated
  • Provide a competent driver

The employing organisation specifies:

  • That all work is to be undertaken in accordance with BS7121
  • That the Contractor is to supply the "appointed person"
  • What information and/or services will be provided to the contractor by the employing organisation

The contractor is responsible for:

  • Supplying the "appointed person"
  • Planning the lift, and operation of a safe system of work
  • Organisation and control of the lifting operation
7 - 1000 Tonnes Lifting Capacity 24 Hr x 7 Services. All equipment is supplied in accordance with the relevant CPA conditions.

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